Say No To “Netflixing”

Netflixing. Its become a thing. Everyone seems to be doing it. Netflixing. Just think about it. It’s a little creepy actually. One company has changed an entire industry. Movie watching will forever be changed because of Netflix. It’s genius really. Movies and the latest tv shows at your fingertips; whenever and wherever you want. Instant video watching is huge now because of Netflix. I remember the good old days when driving to Blockbuster was an adventure. You’d walk in and never know what you wanted exactly, but that was all part of the thrill of Blockbuster. Who knows, you might also pick some candy up on the way out. Excitement has been removed from everything and has been replaced with convenience. Oh what if the internet isn’t working? The whole world collapses, or so it feels. You can’t get back to season whatever of show whatever and it’s just killing you. The story is just too good to wait. Ah it’s killing you. Oh, wait, there’s more important things happening in the world right now. Like the crisis in the Middle East and kids dying of starvation in Africa. Oh, but your Netflix isn’t working? I’m so sorry… No, not really. Don’t get me wrong, I myself have been caught up in “Netflixing”. Dr. Who seems to always be calling my name. I could watch it on my laptop or maybe my phone, hey, what about my iPad, oh and there’s always the main tv. Nooooooooooooooo! It’s so obsessive, it’s gross. I can’t take it anymore! People just staring at their phones, wherever they are, watching a stupid tv show. Are you serious? Maybe the person next to you would like to have a normal conversation. Oh, wait, they’re Netflixing too. Ok so let’s do something about this epidemic. Let’s decide to not watch Netflix 2 days out of the week, at least. Oh, what a sacrifice. But honestly, c’mon, let’s live a little instead of stareing at a screen and obsessing over a life you wish you were living. Maybe one day switch the tv show with a book. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Live your life, not by watching some random person’s who never even existed on your phone. Say no to Netflix. Netflixing isn’t life.



  1. Erik Conover · June 30, 2014

    Agreed 100% it’s now a “normal” thing to sit down and watch 6 hours of a netflix alone in a dark room.

    • Ashley-Anna · July 1, 2014

      Yes, unfortunately that’s the norm now. Maybe we can start breaking the chain;).

      • Erik Conover · July 1, 2014

        Yes! Don’t get me wrong I love a good film on netflix but hours on hours is too much

      • Ashley-Anna · July 1, 2014

        Haha:) no, who doesn’t? It’s just the obsession I’m worried about, but some good Netflix watching is not a bad thing.

  2. The Laughable Cheese · July 4, 2014

    I understand it. I used to love going to the video store and now so many are folding up. I still love video stores, and I definitely love to get some candy on the way out. Yum. But unfortunately the world changes once it does it rarely can be undone. It is just more inconvenient to go to the store, plus more expensive. But I to know with everything new, there is always something lost.

  3. williamricci · July 6, 2014

    In general, we are losing touch with anything outside of our personal space. This includes nature, and the world at large, other cultures, other people, and other experiences. We are becoming isolated and incomplete individuals, and losing touch with one another. From one sense we are losing “wonder” and from another we are losing empathy.

    • Ashley-Anna · July 6, 2014

      Completely agree. Instead of being out in nature and the world, we watch and learn about it on tv. We even intellectually talk about it, but we do not experience it, or surround ourselves by nature, culture, etc. like we should.

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