I’ve realized that the majority of my posts/rants aren’t what I necessarily want to tell my readers, but they’re pretty much what I’m trying to tell myself. Ha. Ha… Ok, well, now I’m going to go on another crazy rant. However, this one has nothing to do with me. Anyone who knows me, knows that, well, I’m unique. I’m most definitely my own person–or so I wish to believe…

Individuality. Say what? Yeah, individuality. AKA uniqueness. Being true to yourself. It’s widely overused. Ok, it’s completely overused. How many times have you heard “be yourself” or, how about my personal favorite, “you do you (gurrrlll)”? I walk around and see shirts that say these really cliche sayings such as, “be your own kind of beautiful”… haha… While all these things are extremely true, I don’t really see it happening. It’s ironic how so many people wear the same shirt that says “be yourself”, when really, they’re being like everyone else. Right now, “uniqueness” is in. Read that last sentence again please. It makes no sense. How can being unique be popular? I’ve come to the realization that being “unique”, in today’s standards, is getting a nose piercing and dying your hair blue. Sorry to break it to ya, but all “unique” people look the same. The true unique person would be, and is, categorized as weird or “different”. While being called different sounds like the rudest and weirdest thing, it’s not. What’s wrong with being different? If everyone was the same, this world would be so lame. Ok, that rhymed, not cool. So not cool. Anyways, I’m just trying to make a point here by saying that all the so called “different” people in this world, aren’t very different at all. They think, act, dress, talk, and even like the same things. Not being mainstream is mainstream right now. While I maybe fall into that “let’s not be mainstream mainstream” sometimes, I don’t think or act the same way as the, let’s call them, main-mainstreamers. That was a bit confusing. Feel free to re-read as much as you want ’til you understand what a main-mainstreamer is. It’s vital to this post! Ok, I’m exaggerating, but main-mainstreamers are so funny sometimes.

Let me finish this off by saying the most cliche thing in the world, be yourself. Ugh I hate cliche saying, but, seriously, do it. Please, please, please be yourself. And if you’re categorized as different, who cares? Not you right? You better not, ’cause you are awesome, whoever, wherever you are. Please start to live with eyes wide open and make your own decisions. You decide who you are and don’t let anyone change your mind. You do you ;)

Love you,




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