Wonder in the Waves


The soft brush of sand on my feet, sun kissing my skin, salt in my hair. I just sit and listen to all the sounds of nature around me: the waves breaking, kids laughing, seagulls calling. Staring at the world in front of me. It just goes. It goes on and on, an endless sea of glass that goes on for what seems like an eternity. Just sitting, watching, listening, thinking. There’s a certain feeling I get when I go to the beach. Staring at the ocean, is like staring into a whole other world that never ends. There’s so much wonder at the beach. Questions fill my head. What’s down there? Why does it just suddenly stop? What’s sand and why is there so much of it? There’s always one thing I know for certain when I go to the beach: God created it. He created the waves, the sand, the sun on your skin, the fish, everything. The beauty of the beach, shows the beauty of Our Creator. Words such as wonderful, amazing, powerful, and majestic come to my mind when I think of God’s beach. Next time you go to the beach, stop and think. Think of its Creator. Reflect on its beauty. Ponder its questions. Sit and take it all in.


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