“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”–Aristotle.

Last week, I had the wonderful opportunity of going to Miami’s newest art museum, The Perez Art Museum of Miami, with my brother and my mom. Even if it had been a terrible museum, I would’ve still been happy because Miami is in desperate need of museums. Fortunately, it was not. PAMM, as they call it, is awesome. It’s located in Downtown Miami, backing up to the beautiful coast. In front of the building there are huge, I mean huge, hanging plants. The contrast of the gray/cement walls, with the vibrant greens is remarkable and gives a somewhat urban feel. There are enormous, heavy wooden doors that lead into the lobby/first floor of the museum. As I walked in, I felt a whole different vibe. It was quiet and peaceful. I immediately knew that I was going to like this place, a lot. We went through a couple exhibits and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I seemed to stop at each painting in order to know who painted it, what mediums were used, and what was the story behind it. I quietly went through the exhibits with a smile on my face as I enhanced my knowledge of art. To top it all off, there’s a great cafe and a beautiful outdoor seating area that overlooks Miami’s beautiful coast. I sipped a delicious cappuccino, while observing all that was going on around me. While I can most certainly say that PAMM was full of artsy/interesting people, it was nice to know that you were surrounded by people who had just as much, or more of an appreciation for art as you. It was refreshing. It was peaceful. It was informative. I would love to continue on about how much I love PAMM, however, I’d be missing the point of this whole post. The point of this post is to express the importance of art. It’s hard to find someone my age who loves art. Not necessarily loves doing art, but appreciates it. The universal view of art is that it’s frilly, unimportant, and is for weird people. Back in the day, art was highly appreciated, talked about, and displayed. It was even considered an intellectual topic. I believe with the onset of electronics, there has been a less and less appreciation for art. We are so focused on convenience and social media, that we forget to look at the world around us. Art is a beautiful way to find expression and tranquility. It opens your mind and lets you form your own opinions. I believe that art brings out individuality. Through art, one can form and express his or her own unique ideas. Appreciate art more and you will not regret it.


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