10 steps to a happy day

Everyone wants to have a happy day, right? Well, here are just a few steps to make your day a happy one.

One. Read a Proverbs. Proverbs give you the wisdom needed to have a good day. Before you even get out of bed, if you read a Proverbs, you already start your day on the right tract.

Two. Make your bed. I know I don’t always follow this rule… But I really should. If you make your bed in the morning, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment before the day has even started.

Three. Eat a big, healthy breakfast. This might sound weird, but if you eat a good breakfast, then you won’t be as hungry the rest of the day. And if you’re like most people, being hungry makes you cranky and unhappy. So if you eat a good breakfast, you’ll be happy!

Four. Make the most of your day. Don’t waste your time being lazy and unproductive. Make sure that whatever you do, you make the most of it. Doing this everyday, will make your next day easier.

Five. Listen to music. Yes, please do. Music makes everyone happy. It calms you down and makes you forget your worries just for a little bit.

Six. Do one thing you love. Whether it’s just sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee, or reading a chapter from a book, do it. It doesn’t have to take a long time, just make sure you do at least one little thing you love everyday.

Seven. Be on good terms with everyone. Don’t hold any grudges with a co-worker, boss, friend, etc.. Holding grudges creates unnecessary stress.

Eight. Do something good for someone else. Whether it be giving a couple dollars to a homeless person on the street, or writing a note to someone you love, it will cheer someone else up. And cheering up others, cheers you up too.

Nine. Exercise. Not everyone has time to exercise everyday, but try and do it as much as possible. Exercising has been scientifically proven to make you feel happy.

Ten. Think positively. If you have a positive mindset, then you’ll most likely have a positive day.

I hope this helped you!

Have a happy day:),





  1. lukedehart · September 16, 2014

    I liked this post a lot! When I was active in the church I used to read proverbs everyday. I want to get back to that book specifically but I need to get over my grudge against a lot of scripture.

    • Ashley-Anna · September 17, 2014

      Thank you! Proverbs is such a wonderful book. All scripture is important and has a purpose, but there’s something about Proverbs that stands out. It gives practical advice. I hope you’ll get back to it! Sometimes, you just have to trust God more, rather than trusting your own feelings. Thanks again:).

      • lukedehart · September 21, 2014

        We should write something sometime!

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