What you wear reflects who you are

“Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.”–Rachel Zoe.

That quote couldn’t be more true. Unfortunately, I honestly don’t think most girls have even considered what their style says about them. As I look around (and yes I do live in Miami…worst place for dressing), I am completely and utterly shocked at the way some girls dress. Literally I saw a little girl, just yesterday, that had shorts as short as underwear. A–what 5 or 6 year old?– with almost her booty hanging out. Her mom didn’t even blink an eye. This saddened me. I see girls around my age who nearly pass as a hooker. Of course this is completely their choice of dressing. But this little girl? No, no, no! Her mom dresses her and she’s too young to know how to dress and what style means. The fact that a mother could actually put her little girl in such a skimpy outfit says a lot about our culture today.

Thinking has gone out the window. If a girl sees a model wearing it, or some celebrity (they’re human *not gods* people), then they want to wear it too. They don’t think about it, they just do it. Without realizing it (although some girls do) they put on clothes and don’t think twice about how people will perceive them. I mean crop tops with teeny-tiny, barely-pass-as-shorts shorts, say a lot more than “wow that girl is so trendy”. It looks as though that girl doesn’t value herself. Like she’s “easy”, or like she’s looking for attention. It’s sad, but it’s true. Most girls want to be viewed as anything but that. But how should they know? Pop-culture has completely ruined what a girl and woman should be. What they call “beautiful” is just a normal girl whose been airbrushed, has pounds of makeup on done by professionals, perfect thick hair made by unnatural products and done (again) by professionals, busty (also done by professionals;), glamorous and revealing outfits that estimate $1,000 for a shirt (it’s true though), and a professionally trained photographer who finds the perfect angles and releases only their best shots. After hours upon hours of getting ready and after thousands of dollars, they release a picture of a girl that’s “beautiful” and then, of course, every girl wants to look like her.

What a woman should look like is anything but fake. Showing a lot of skin does not make a girl beautiful, it cheapens her perception, as well as her self esteem. While a girl should care about how she looks and should be put together, it doesn’t mean she has to change who she is. Always look YOUR best, instead of an unrealistic version of someone else. Show some self worth and dress appropriately, yes dress cute and even dress trendy if ya want, but don’t feel pressured to wear something. Clothes don’t make you beautiful and you shouldn’t find your value in what you wear. Instead, you should be viewed by who you are inside. Your inner beauty should radiate outwardly and what you wear reflects who you are inside.

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” –Ralph Lauren


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