it has begun…

And so it begins. School year 2015/2016. AKA (for me) the dreaded and horrifying junior year *gasp*. Can you believe it? (well maybe you can, but I can’t) I only have two more years of high school left! Therefore, I’m trying to embrace it and enjoy it as much as possible. However… as I mentioned before… IT’S MY JUNIOR YEAR. Thankfully, because of this  really small, easy, and unimportant test that doesn’t affect where you go to school or what scholarships you get, and that doesn’t take a lot of studying or thought, my junior year is going to be a breeze! HA! If only… yes, you all know what I’m getting at here. Junior year–for most–is the year of the SAT. In one sentence, the SAT is a test that is completely irrelevant to what students learn in school, it does not have to do with intelligence, it is very hard to receive a good score on it, and if success on this “SAT” is important to you, you can pretty much view the SAT as a death threat to fun. I fall under the “important to you” category. I stress over the fact that I’m spending weeks studying for a merely four hour test. Anyway, besides the SAT studying, I am so far (however I say this at the start of every school year) enjoying my junior year. I love love love being in school and having something to do 24/7. Of course, the fact that I’m homeschooled helps with this. I make my own daily schedule, I do school in my jammies (yes it’s true), I can do school pretty much anywhere I want, I have the freedom to engage in deeper, philosophical studies of my subjects, and I am able to do all my classes without any distracting class mates or noises. I really am blessed, I know.

So yeah bring it on school year! (I really hate to say this, but)… bring on the SAT! I’m excited for this year and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me (but I suppose long nights of studying and a lot of coffee will be involved).

Oh, oh, oh! And guess what? I’m going to DC for 10 days in September with two of my really good friends! I am super excited! DC is my paradise: museums galore, history all around, and beautiful buildings. I shall blog my entire trip so brace yourselves for lots of pictures and many exclamations of joy expressed through exclamation points ;).


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