I take DC (for the millionth time) and I take TeenPact (for the 3rd time)

Well guys, it’s over. My much anticipated trip to Washington, D.C. has come and gone. And like the end of most camps, I am now experiencing the PTS of TeenPact’s Back to DC.

How do I start…

Well, first off, I LOVE DC SO MUCH! I’ve been to DC around 30 or more times, but it never gets old! I love, love, love it and it makes me so extremely happy and excited. Why do I like it so much? Good question! Being the nerd that I am, I obviously love the fact that I am surrounded by history everywhere I go when in DC. Museums seem to be omnipresent and aha they are free ;). The weather is perfect, the architecture is flawless, the society is intellectual, and the public transportation is on point (hehe I love the metro…). Oh and the food is greaaaat!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that over with, let me talk about my actual TeenPact experience! If you don’t know what TeenPact is, well ya should because it’s awesome… TeenPact is a teen leadership/government/Christian camp. I’ve been to my state class twice, but this time I went to an alumni event *gasp* and alumni events are a whole lot different…

Walking in, you already can spot the “TeenPacters”: those kids who’ve been to every event and know everyone and are practically pros at this. These kids are your biggest threat. You feel like you have to be just like them to succeed at TeenPact. But of course me being me does NOT do this XD. Actually, when I scanned the room on the first day, the kids I thought were cool and going to be my future friends ended up not being that… and the kids I thought were nerds or snobs ended up not being nerds or snobs and ended up being my closest friends so–hey you never know what’s in store. After scanning the room, you wait in intense anticipation as to who will be your designated staffer. This my friends can either make or break your TeenPact experience. I’ve always had great staffers, but I’ve heard stories… Anyways, yes, the staffer. My staffer seemed pretty cool, but I was already having doubts about my group. Guess what? I knew absolutely nobody in my group–hooray! Yeah, this didn’t excite me at all. Actually, when I found that out, I was convinced that this TeenPact would be miserable (that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point). Thankfully, it was anything but that! My group ended up being the best (in my opinion). I made some really, really awesome friends and my staffer was like the greatest so yay! My group definitely gelled and we were legit awesome. Other than that, TeenPact truly was a fantastic learning experience. I learned so much in just a couple of days! I mean lectures, upon lectures, upon lectures (but they were all great). We had a mock campaign presidential election–which was super fun (I was speech writer ;) and we got to go to the Values Voter Summit! I heard a bunch of the GOP candidates which was such an amazing experience. They all were inspiring and great (except for Trump… I had to walk out…).

While all these things are great about TeenPact, the most important truly is how every teen grows closer to God. All these teens come together and worship God. It’s such a beautiful thing. One day, we got to have worship in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It was raining and cold, so we couldn’t bring out the guitar, but it was still amazing. The fact that we could do that is even more amazing. In many countries, we would have been killed!

When I go to TeenPact, I feel refreshed. I am reminded that there are actually other teens like me in this world! When I’m surrounded by these intellectual, smart, godly, ambitious teens who fear God and strive to make this world a better place, I truly am encouraged and convicted. Yes, I may be experiencing PTS because I miss everyone and everything about TeenPact, but I came back with renewed strength and am excited for what’s in store for me:).

Just for fun, here are some pictures from the trip :)

Displaying image1.jpeg

The Capitol (but unfortunately, it’s under construction)

Displaying image4.jpeg

Jefferson Memorial (AKA the best)

Displaying image3.jpeg

Washington Monument (didn’t get to go up it, but it’s still super cool)

Displaying image2.jpeg

“The Floor-Scrapers” by Gustave Caillebotte at the National Gallery of Art (it was a traveling gallery and it was incredible)

Displaying image6.jpeg

Marco Rubio at the Values Voter Summit

Oh and just to let you know, my first SAT is this Saturday (I’m literally dying).





  1. William Betzelberger · October 1, 2015

    Wow, Wait, there are other TeenPacters on here? That is awesome! I honestly would not be the person I am today if it had not been for Teenpact and the love that my staffers showed me

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