authorly bucket list tag

So I was again tagged by Gabrielle! Thanks so much!

This tag is really awesome because it has to do with writing and “authors.” All I have to do is write three to seven things about writing that I’m not so great at and then list three to seven things regarding writing that I want to try. With that being said… let’s do this thing!

stuff I’m not so great at

slowing down

That might sound weird, but it’s so true! I have the HARDEST time slowing down my stories. I’m always way too fast paced and rushed. I jump right into the plot and don’t ever stop. It’s quite bad like c’mon Ashley pump the breaks!

good fortune

Okay, so for some reason, in like every story I’ve ever written, something horrible happens to the main character(s) within the first couple of chapters! I cannot give my characters good fortune. All they ever get is misfortune, it’s so sad! I really need to work on happiness for my characters :D.


This is by far my BIGGEST problem when it comes to writing! I have so many great ideas in my head, but I don’t have the patience to sit down and write them. I know that once I start, it’s hard to stop, so I just avoid starting… not good, so not good…


I am so very bad at endings. I start up real nice with strong emotion and action and then… just at the end… I lose it all. I have the hardest time ending the plot.

stuff I’d love to try

a children’s fiction series

I would absolutely LOVE to attempt a children’s series! When I was younger, books influenced me and inspired me in so many ways (they still do). They ignited my imagination and curiosity. I’d love to write books for kids that would do that. A series that would make kids want to read, without dumbing it down or going all stereotypical “kids” book.

a mystery

Since I’m the biggest Nancy Drew fan and have always been into mysteries, I’d love to attempt one! Maybe even go a little thriller with it too.

a first-person book on human trafficking

Human trafficking is a horrible, miserable, evil thing that unfortunately, yet prominently, exists in our society. It is slavery, but in a different form. I’d love to write a first person fiction of the life of a human trafficked girl. Maybe do some more research on the subject and interview some girls so it could be as realistic as possible. Just like Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin (although not nearly as well written), I’d like to write a story that brings trafficking to life. That would wake up the world.

a fantasy

I would absolutely love, love, love to write a fantasy. A true fantasy. “Once upon a time” and all!

a deep comedy

That’s probably not the best way to put it. I’d like to write something that satirical, yet deep. Something with a lot of metaphor and irony. Like Alice in Wonderland. So much depth hidden beneath so much craziness.

that’s it people

Well, that ends this lovely tag! Maybe I’ll improve my weaknesses and one day attempt all my writing dreams!


Before I forget, let me tag a few people to do this authorly bucket list!

Liv, Write, Repeat, A Robinson Aspiring Author, and My Writing Life.

Have fun guys!




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