the top five books to read on a rainy day

Way over a month has gone by since my last post… Oh dear readers, please forgive me! But, I’ve been busy…okay, okay–maybe not so busy as to not blog at all, but hey! I’ve been busy enough!

But, because of my long absence, I will reward you guys with a long “real” post. AKA not just a quote or verse ;).

So let’s just get to it!

top five books to read on a rainy day

one. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

For some reason, when it rains, there’s an almost mysterious and dark vibe, especially if you are indoors. Jane Eyre is exactly that! Its strange and nearly horror filled plot is the perfect story to curl up with on a dreary, rainy day. It’s a long book, though, so prepare yourself. But boy is it worth it! Its characters are so rich and full of passion. Be prepared to shed a tear. Be prepared to get so frustrated you throw the book across the floor. Be prepared for weirdness. Be prepared for gripping dialogue. In general, just be prepared for awesomeness. Definitely #1 on this list!

two. Thr3e by Ted Dekker

Yes, it’s me, so there has to be a Dekker book somewhere on this list. Well, over my blogging break I read this book. Because you all know me and know how much I love Dekker, you’re expecting me to say: “AHHHHHHHH DEKKER IS AMAZING I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!” Well, technically, yes. I love this book. I love Ted Dekker. But there was something special about this book. There was something more to it. And, going with the “creepy,” rainy day vibe, this book fits in perfectly. Let me tell you, it’s scary as heck. I found myself reading this and checking my window to make sure there wasn’t anything there. Legit serious.  But back to my point. This book has some serious plot twists. Like nothing I’ve ever read before. It will leave you truly contemplating the battle between good and evil that we have within us all. It is an amazing book and perfect for a rainy day! You will never get bored and will never leave that couch until it’s done!

three. The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N. Southworth

This is another semi-creepy book that’s just perfect for a rainy day. It’s out of print, but it’s free on kindle so yay! It follows a total mystery about a young girl’s life and all the craziness she gets herself into. Super fun book to read when there’s nothing to do outside! Plus there are great plot twists that will leave you flying through those pages!

four. Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

This book is just the cutest book in the world. It is complete fun! It will definitely make you laugh out loud and just in general entertain you. If you’re not into all that creepy stuff, then this book is perfect for you on a rainy day!

five. Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This one’s pretty obvious. Who doesn’t like a classic mystery on a rainy day? And most of these are short stories so it’s perfect if you don’t have all day (*cough* Jane Eyre *cough*). And if you’re not a book person (you should be that’s weird if you’re not…), just watch the modern Sherlock BBC series. They are SO perfect for a rainy day…but that’s not the point of this list…books only! (hmm…maybe I should do a movie list too?).

well that’s all folks

So I hope I helped you out in some way. These books will surely get you through that gloomy, rainy day!  Read on my readers ;).






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