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“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny compared to what lies within us.” {Ralph Waldo Emerson}


authorly bucket list tag

So I was again tagged by Gabrielle! Thanks so much!

This tag is really awesome because it has to do with writing and “authors.” All I have to do is write three to seven things about writing that I’m not so great at and then list three to seven things regarding writing that I want to try. With that being said… let’s do this thing!

stuff I’m not so great at

slowing down

That might sound weird, but it’s so true! I have the HARDEST time slowing down my stories. I’m always way too fast paced and rushed. I jump right into the plot and don’t ever stop. It’s quite bad like c’mon Ashley pump the breaks!

good fortune

Okay, so for some reason, in like every story I’ve ever written, something horrible happens to the main character(s) within the first couple of chapters! I cannot give my characters good fortune. All they ever get is misfortune, it’s so sad! I really need to work on happiness for my characters :D.


This is by far my BIGGEST problem when it comes to writing! I have so many great ideas in my head, but I don’t have the patience to sit down and write them. I know that once I start, it’s hard to stop, so I just avoid starting… not good, so not good…


I am so very bad at endings. I start up real nice with strong emotion and action and then… just at the end… I lose it all. I have the hardest time ending the plot.

stuff I’d love to try

a children’s fiction series

I would absolutely LOVE to attempt a children’s series! When I was younger, books influenced me and inspired me in so many ways (they still do). They ignited my imagination and curiosity. I’d love to write books for kids that would do that. A series that would make kids want to read, without dumbing it down or going all stereotypical “kids” book.

a mystery

Since I’m the biggest Nancy Drew fan and have always been into mysteries, I’d love to attempt one! Maybe even go a little thriller with it too.

a first-person book on human trafficking

Human trafficking is a horrible, miserable, evil thing that unfortunately, yet prominently, exists in our society. It is slavery, but in a different form. I’d love to write a first person fiction of the life of a human trafficked girl. Maybe do some more research on the subject and interview some girls so it could be as realistic as possible. Just like Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin (although not nearly as well written), I’d like to write a story that brings trafficking to life. That would wake up the world.

a fantasy

I would absolutely love, love, love to write a fantasy. A true fantasy. “Once upon a time” and all!

a deep comedy

That’s probably not the best way to put it. I’d like to write something that satirical, yet deep. Something with a lot of metaphor and irony. Like Alice in Wonderland. So much depth hidden beneath so much craziness.

that’s it people

Well, that ends this lovely tag! Maybe I’ll improve my weaknesses and one day attempt all my writing dreams!


Before I forget, let me tag a few people to do this authorly bucket list!

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Have fun guys!



SAT, why do you hate me?

So I took my first SAT today YAY! JUST KIDDING NOT YAY.

Okay, so yes I’m a high school kid and it’s perfectly normal for me to hate the SAT and complain about it. However, I don’t hate it because of the fact that it’s a 4 hour test… (I actually love taking tests and I love school sooooo–yes, I’m a nerd.) I hate the SAT because what’s supposed to be a “common denominator” for students entering college, is anything but that. Everyone is supposed to have an equal opportunity to succeed on the SAT, but that most certainly DOES NOT happen. In my opinion (the one that matters…), the SAT is a completely unfair test. NO ONE has an equal opportunity to succeed. So hey ETS (evil testing service), your tactics don’t work!

Why do I believe this? Well, it is proven that kids who come from higher income families achieve better scores than those from lower income families. Why? Oh, I wonder… Some parents can afford for their child to take an expensive prep course and have a pricey SAT tutor, others can’t. If they (ETS) really wanted to create a “common denominator”, SAT instructors should be illegal and tutoring not allowed… But that sounds like communism (well… I did mention they’re evil…).

Also, the material on the SAT is so not what kids learn in school. Wow, how nice of ETS! It’s not like high schoolers have enough HW already… But, NO, they expect us to learn and THOROUGHLY study completely new stuff and somehow fit that into our very busy schedules and still succeed! You know what? I’m really starting to think that ETS has the students’ best interests at heart :). Oh and remember, no stress! This test has nothing to do with what college you go to, what scholarships you get, or your future! HA… if only…

So yeah, there was a little rant for you :). Have a good weekend guys (and hopefully it hasn’t involved the SAT)…



I take DC (for the millionth time) and I take TeenPact (for the 3rd time)

Well guys, it’s over. My much anticipated trip to Washington, D.C. has come and gone. And like the end of most camps, I am now experiencing the PTS of TeenPact’s Back to DC.

How do I start…

Well, first off, I LOVE DC SO MUCH! I’ve been to DC around 30 or more times, but it never gets old! I love, love, love it and it makes me so extremely happy and excited. Why do I like it so much? Good question! Being the nerd that I am, I obviously love the fact that I am surrounded by history everywhere I go when in DC. Museums seem to be omnipresent and aha they are free ;). The weather is perfect, the architecture is flawless, the society is intellectual, and the public transportation is on point (hehe I love the metro…). Oh and the food is greaaaat!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that over with, let me talk about my actual TeenPact experience! If you don’t know what TeenPact is, well ya should because it’s awesome… TeenPact is a teen leadership/government/Christian camp. I’ve been to my state class twice, but this time I went to an alumni event *gasp* and alumni events are a whole lot different…

Walking in, you already can spot the “TeenPacters”: those kids who’ve been to every event and know everyone and are practically pros at this. These kids are your biggest threat. You feel like you have to be just like them to succeed at TeenPact. But of course me being me does NOT do this XD. Actually, when I scanned the room on the first day, the kids I thought were cool and going to be my future friends ended up not being that… and the kids I thought were nerds or snobs ended up not being nerds or snobs and ended up being my closest friends so–hey you never know what’s in store. After scanning the room, you wait in intense anticipation as to who will be your designated staffer. This my friends can either make or break your TeenPact experience. I’ve always had great staffers, but I’ve heard stories… Anyways, yes, the staffer. My staffer seemed pretty cool, but I was already having doubts about my group. Guess what? I knew absolutely nobody in my group–hooray! Yeah, this didn’t excite me at all. Actually, when I found that out, I was convinced that this TeenPact would be miserable (that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point). Thankfully, it was anything but that! My group ended up being the best (in my opinion). I made some really, really awesome friends and my staffer was like the greatest so yay! My group definitely gelled and we were legit awesome. Other than that, TeenPact truly was a fantastic learning experience. I learned so much in just a couple of days! I mean lectures, upon lectures, upon lectures (but they were all great). We had a mock campaign presidential election–which was super fun (I was speech writer ;) and we got to go to the Values Voter Summit! I heard a bunch of the GOP candidates which was such an amazing experience. They all were inspiring and great (except for Trump… I had to walk out…).

While all these things are great about TeenPact, the most important truly is how every teen grows closer to God. All these teens come together and worship God. It’s such a beautiful thing. One day, we got to have worship in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It was raining and cold, so we couldn’t bring out the guitar, but it was still amazing. The fact that we could do that is even more amazing. In many countries, we would have been killed!

When I go to TeenPact, I feel refreshed. I am reminded that there are actually other teens like me in this world! When I’m surrounded by these intellectual, smart, godly, ambitious teens who fear God and strive to make this world a better place, I truly am encouraged and convicted. Yes, I may be experiencing PTS because I miss everyone and everything about TeenPact, but I came back with renewed strength and am excited for what’s in store for me:).

Just for fun, here are some pictures from the trip :)

Displaying image1.jpeg

The Capitol (but unfortunately, it’s under construction)

Displaying image4.jpeg

Jefferson Memorial (AKA the best)

Displaying image3.jpeg

Washington Monument (didn’t get to go up it, but it’s still super cool)

Displaying image2.jpeg

“The Floor-Scrapers” by Gustave Caillebotte at the National Gallery of Art (it was a traveling gallery and it was incredible)

Displaying image6.jpeg

Marco Rubio at the Values Voter Summit

Oh and just to let you know, my first SAT is this Saturday (I’m literally dying).



milk tea book tag

Recently, my fellow blogger and writer nominated me for this book tag. Thanks Gabrielle! (go check out her blog please, it’s incredible) Anyways, I don’t know much about book tags… like at all… but I do know that I have to list a couple of my favorite books according to specific categories (milk, tea, sugar, ice, silk socking, ying yang) so here goes nothing! Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to nominate Stuck in a Textbook, Books j’adore, If Books Could Blog, The Bookshelf of Emily J., and last but not least thehipsterchristian.

tea: the foundation of my reading

Well, this is an easy choice for me! Without a doubt in my mind, it would be the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne. The many adventures of Jack and Annie truly turned my view of reading from a school chore, to a fun adventure. I remember being 8ish and reading through one of these in a day! They made me so happy and if a new one came out, I was sure to have it asap. I still get excited talking about them :P.

milk: a smooth, rich book

Okay, this is a seriously hard choice! After much consideration, (I’ve been stuck here for like 25 min… still can’t decide). Here we go again, after MUCH consideration… I’ve decided on Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. I mean what a moving story! You MUST read this book! It really is touching and it grabs the reader’s attention very easily.

sugar: a book I love but is controversial

Oh The Hunger Games… My love-hate relationship for this series is strong! It was a page turner and it spiked so many emotions in me, however, I still can’t say that I love them. The main character, Katniss, is very stubborn and can be so annoying sometimes! Of course, since the books are in her perspective, I am constantly annoyed while reading them. She doesn’t end up with the guy I prefer, two of my favorite characters die, Katniss makes around only two good decisions in the ENTIRE series, and my favorite character leaves with no sense of laud or appreciation (which he rightly deserved). I read these and enjoyed them, but with so much annoyance. I’m not sure if you understood that at all, but the I love this series and I absolutely hate it too! (I don’t know if I stayed on topic, but it’s controversial to me so I guess… maybe?…)

ice: a book just for fun

This category is so vague and I can list so many… but I can only choose one sooooo… I choose Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This book is the definition of fun, in my opinion. It is so peculiar and different, yet incredibly clever and amusing! It therefore makes my top 5 favorite book list ;). I literally have Alice in Wonderland stuff all over my room, that’s how much I love it! If you want to have a jolly good time ;), READ THIS BOOK!

silk socking: a book that is much better than it sounds

This is super easy for me. The Circle Series by Ted Dekker definitely wins! I mean the books are simply, Black, Red, White, and Green… like how weird! But oh, how good they are! Although Green is a bit too weird for my taste XD, but still amazing. These books are so, so, sooooo confusing and most people don’t know where to start (it’s literally a circle so you can work backwards or forwards… cool right?). The plot is crazy and all over the place, so most people can’t get through it, but if you do and you understand what’s going on… OH IT’S JUST SO GOOD! Black is one of my favorite books ever so I can go on and on about it, and Ted Dekker is my favorite author :). Just forget everything you’ve ever thought a story should be and become extremely open minded, then, these books will take you on an unforgettable adventure! If you want to know more about this series, check out this blog post, it reviews these books exactly like I would!

ying yang: a book with foreign influence

I had a tough time with this topic, however, I’ve settled on Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. This book (along with the entire series) was written in German. It takes place mostly in Italy. Of course, it has now been translated and therefore, I was able to read it ;). What a book! If you’ve seen the movie, please don’t automatically think the book will be just as bad!! The movie DOES NOT do this book justice! But, in all honesty, movies never do. Anyways, this book is the definition of fantasy! It’s so fun and exciting, I could definitely read it again and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Well, that ends my book tag :(. Hope you guys enjoyed it! Oh, and I’m going to DC (like I said in an earlier post) this Friday!! So excited–oh my gosh! I’ll post a lot…